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JSolar incorporated | The new practice of "Fishing And Light Complementary", the new breakthrough of "New Energy +"

Recently, the "Fuyang 150MW Photovoltaic Power Generation Project", which was constructed by Sunshine New Energy Development Co., Ltd. and JSolar Incorporated. (hereinafter referred to as JSolar) participated in the supply of tracking brackets, held a grid connection ceremony.

The project innovatively applies new technologies and new equipment such as double-sided module additional issuance technology, tracking bracket efficiency enhancement technology, grid-friendly access technology, and box-inverter integrated system technology. Compared with the traditional photovoltaic power generation model, the annual power generation can be increased about 16 million kWh. After the project is officially put into operation, the annual power generation can reach 185 million kWh, which can save about 53,200 tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 150,200 tons.

The supports of this project all adopt the first patented product "Multi-point Drive Yufengzhe II Tracking System" by Jusheng Technology. The design scheme is based on the arrangement of 2P components. The overall structure adopts a mature four-point drive method, and the static torsional deformation of the system is only 50% of that of the three-point drive. At the same time, in-depth optimization of different pile foundation layouts is carried out, combined with wind tunnel test data, while distinguishing the differentiated design of the inner and outer periphery, the versatility and interchangeability of the inner and outer parts are also considered.

Based on the system reliability requirements, the joint design has been strengthened, especially the local strength and stability of the connecting joints of thin-walled components and key transmission components have been strengthened.